The concept of flight has always been enticing to humans, as can be
read about in the ancient story of Icarus and his tragic flight towards
the sun. With the release of href=""
target="_blank">Aion: The Tower of Eternity,
you too can fashion your own set of wings, albeit without the violent
end that Icarus suffered. Recently, the NCsoft Europe team took the
time to describe the entire process through which a player is granted
their wings, and the Ten Ton Hammer staff has posted the depiction for
you to enjoy. On top of that, we've also received 43 brand new
screenshots. We've target="_blank">posted 21 of the 43, so check back
tomorrow to see the other 22! If you're still curious, check out our href="" target="_blank">exclusive
interview and href="" target="_blank">Ascension

As he reads the cards, he begins to weave patterns in the Aether, and
suddenly you are transported to an outer-worldly realm, wearing a full
set of Asmodian armor; the sky is a mix of dark, blood-like colors, and
scattered about are several giant, swirling vortices--Portals. This is
the Abyss, the nether region nestled between the two shattered halves
of Atreia, and you’re standing on one of the many small,
floating rocky
islands that dot the Abyss. You see a line of wounded Asmodian soldiers
before you, but the apparent leader—Archon Legionary
Hagen—beckons you

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016