We're pleased to announce the launch of Ten Ton Hammer's all-new fansite for Guild Wars 2! If you're thinking Guild Wars 2 Hub is simply our original community portal with a fresh coat of paint slapped on top, guess again. The entire site has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to provide an even better place for fans to meet, interact, and learn about the game.

Some of the new and unique features you'll find on GW2Hub include:

  • Registered users earn experience (XP) by interacting with other members of the community to unlock cool perks, such as automatic entry into future giveaways.
  • GW2 Answers offers a new way to interact with other GW2 fans. Think of it almost like a living, organic FAQ for the game, only one where you ask the questions and the GW2 community helps provide the answers.
  • The community events calendar helps you stay informed about important dates for GW2, and can help you spread the word about your upcoming in-game events.
  • Looking for some quick facts about some of the game terminology used in GW2? Head over to our ever-expanding glossary to learn more about the game.
  • "Building Better Communities" is central to our philosophy, so we've also added a growing fansite list to help you find additional resources for GW2.
  • Tired of losing track of your favorite articles and guides? Registered users can add articles, guides, or even forum threads to their list of favorites for quick access later on.

We've also got brand new forums, and loads of other cool things in store for our readers. So ride your favorite roller beetle over to GuildWars2Hub.com and check it out!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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