There is nothing in a real time strategy game as glorious as a well executed plan that results in flawless victory. R.U.S.E. is a game that enables you to command all aspects of war, and most notably, the deception part of it. It is a game of chess, and it punishes those wrong moves you perform with swift and utter defeat just like the board game. But is the game itself guilty of making the wrong design moves? Find out in our Ten Ton Hammer review of the new RTS from Eugen Systems and Ubi Soft, R.U.S.E.!

The meat and potatoes of any RTS is in the combat of course, and RUSE pulls it off fairly well. Clashing units will open fire happily upon any targets in sight, automatically switching weapons to the ideal anti-tank or infantry tool. Ambushes and deception reign supreme, with a major part of the game being reconnaissance. An unspotted unit will open fire on a target that gets in range with a whopping 300% damage bonus. This leads to a lot of terrible, terrible damage.
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016