What's Happening in the
AoC Community

With the February "State of the Game" now released an infusion of new
interest and discussion has been raging across the Age of Conan:
Hyborian Adventure community. With new members coming to the community
and joining the discussion daily it can be hard to find the best
discussion in a never ending sea of dramatic posts. Let Ten Ton Hammer
do it for you. Join us as we track down some of the best discussions of
the week. Role-Play PvE Servers, Bear Shamans, the State of the Game
and more this week in the Border Kingdom Cryer.

The Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventure community is
continuing to grow at
a steady pace and there are new forum members entering the community
daily. This is great for the game but it can make finding those juicy
tidbits of information and great discussion a tedious task as the
number of dramatic post and flaming rants increase in number. Let Ten
Ton Hammer do it for you. Join us as we examine some of the best
threads and top discussion of the week, keeping you the player, up to
date on some of the best discussions in the AoC community.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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