Born into this...

Age of Conan is home to a lot of top-notch clans and guilds, and each week we at Ten Ton Hammer are bringing you inside these passionate groups of people, and handing you the information that matters most about the folks who make Hyboria their home. This week, William "JoBildo" Murphy had a chance to sit down with Nat of Born in Chaos and she had plenty to say about her gaming family...

JoBildo: Now, it’s a pretty popular thing in terms of guilds and clans to host events on their respective servers. Is that something BORN IN CHAOS ever does?

BORN IN CHAOS: We have in the past, however we tend to do things a bit differently. Rather than host events on our servers, I host a 4 day party each year at my home in Austin, Texas for all members in my guild who are 21 and up. Our BiC Parties are legendary and I can’t tell you how many times people who aren’t even IN my guild have asked me about when the next BiC Party is, or how they can get an invite.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016