They Shall Kill You...
But Don't Worry, It's Only Role-Play!

Continuing our newest weekly tradition, we at Ten Ton Hammer bring you
another fact-filled interview with one of Age of Conan's premier
guilds: Varangian Order! Here's a tiny speck of the glory that awaits
beyond the link:

style="font-weight: bold;">VARANGIAN ORDER: One
of the things that makes us different is an incredibly deep and complex
clan lore which drives how we are structured and our ceremonies, awards
and role-play. We lean heavily on R.E. Howard's chronology of the world
and its peoples. Essentially we've established the Varangian Order as a
proto-Nordic clan – one might see us as the missing link between the
peoples of Nordhiem and the Vikings or Vendels of the real world.
There's a whole lot of stuff about religious persecution and the
Asgardian Gods, and while I'm sure you'd love a quick lesson in Norse
theology, I'll let people read about that on our website.  

Read the rest by clicking the link below, and be sure to check out the
Clan Showcase too!

AoC: Clan Interview and
Showcase - Varangian Order

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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