GamersFirst COO Bjorn Book-Larsson is on the road traveling this week, but that isn't stopping him from blogging about the latest work on APB: Reloaded. Build 1.5.0 is nearing completion as the team works to track down a few more stability issues with the update. 1.5.0 was initially planned to be the build for open beta, but due to delays, the update is scheduled to go live as the next closed beta update.

There are a few things that beta players should know about the coming update. The update will include a character wipe, so expect those closed beta characters to be going away. Don't worry though; you may be able to recover them later.

The plan is to deploy the update and if all goes well with it, the team will open the EU servers, which have been somewhat delayed due to hardware delivery issues. But if everything goes well, an additional 25,000 testers will be invited. If it's stable after that, it's off to open beta, where closed beta testers will receive temporary Premium accounts to help test that content. If everything seems stable and good in open beta, closed beta testers may be able to eventually recover their closed beta characters. Oh yeah, it looks like they finally have a fix for that pesky grief-truck issue.

1.5.0 will be the death of the grief-truck. Many have rightly pointed out that what causes the griefing is the fact that it's very difficult to tell the Physics system NOT to blow you up, since collisions between car and car are tricky to separate from car and house, or car and pole (and those two cases clearly SHOULD blow you up, presuming you were not being rammed in to the wall or pole using a grief-truck). However - Aphadon dug around in the darkest corners of the code, and put in place code that actually fixes the issue. Now, there are a few strange side effects from this fix (the grief-trucker will BOUNCE you off a wall instead of blowing you up), but it basically makes you NOT blow up when a non-opposing player smashes you into the wall (no such luck when it's an opposing player). How will this fix play out? Well I for one cannot wait to see it in 1.5.0 to see how people react to it!

Source: APB: Reloaded Blog

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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