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Art Coordinator

My name is Robin. Most people on the net have come to know me
as "Nib", short for Niborea, my high elf paladin. I'm 41, married
and have 4 boys- ages 24, 21, 15 and 12. I enjoy reading, writing, art, and
the outdoors.

My first introduction to online gaming or MMO's was in 1999 when my oldest
son brought home Everquest. Computers were somewhat new to me then, having
just gotten my first one the year before, and I did not pay much attention
to his new "game". However it got my attention only because I could
not seem to get his! I would continually call him or his brother to dinner
only to be told "We can't just leave". Having no concept of what
they were talking about, it just annoyed me.

That's when their brilliant idea came to show me the game, get me interested
and I would be off their backs. It worked better than they had anticipated,
several times they had to pry the comp from me! I went on to acquire my own
account and computer and just recently cancelled my account after all those
years, long after they had lost interest.

Within my first year in EQ I began doing signatures in message boards for
fellow guild mates. I had always loved art in any form and this was the perfect
outlet for my passion. I moved onto helping with the web site, creating web
sites and generally increasing my skills in Photoshop.

Sometime in late 2002 I became aware of a 3d program called Poser. I had seen
all kinds of fantasy art being created with it at NorrathsStudio, a message
board for EQ art. I purchased it and have been using it since. I began creating
signatures for guild mates and was soon taking commissions for character portraits
from others on my server. I still take commissions for web design and character

My influence and love of art can be traced back to my childhood and genes.
My mother is an art major, an artist and former grade school art teacher.
She painted in many different mediums and her pictures were and still are
hung on many of our walls. I won several art contests and awards when in grade
school, but did not pursue it as I grew, opting for more of the "teenage"
pleasures of the timesÂ…friends, boys, music and movies. Luckily the passion
was renewed and I have found an outlet that lets me be creative.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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