A turn-based combat MMO... what will they bring us next?

Atlantica Online from Ndoors Interactive will be launching their closed beta this July. The game will take players through several ancient civilizations, though strangely not through Atlantis itself. (Perhaps we're talking after the fall of Atlantis.) It seeks to distinguish itself with a unique combat and city/country management systems, and turn-based combat in an MMO certainly sounds unique!

Specifically designed to set itself apart from other MMOs with its unique combat, mercenary, and city/country management systems, Atlantica takes players through ancient settings and civilizations, such as Hanyang (Korea), Indus Valley (India and Pakistan), Mesopotamia (Iraq, Syria and Turkey), and Egypt.

The turn-based combat system allows players to plot the movements and strategies of nine characters in their group. Players can form teams of three to bring 27 controllable characters into combat.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016