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Strategy titles seem to be in the perfect position for hybridization
with MMOGs. The RTS genre has already seen several MMOGs come out of
their developers, and finally the turn-based strategy titles will have
a game of their own as well. The developers at the Korean-based NDOORS
have put together a massively multiplayer turn-based strategy game
(MMOTSG) and are set to begin a closed beta for the title While there
have already been several MMORTSes, a turn-based strategy game will be
one of the first on the market. Ten Ton Hammer has received the
official press release along with 12 screens, so please enjoy!

turn-based combat system offers players the chance to strategically
plan every move of the nine characters in their group. Players can form
teams of three to bring 27 controllable characters into combat. Or for
simple fights, players can preset each character/mercenary's skill set
and let the auto-battle system resolve the fight.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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