NDoors, maker of Atlantica Online, made quite a few exciting announcements at the recent GDC press event. In case you missed the coverage, they've conveniently summarized all of them into one handy release. Including new dungeons, improved PvP, a tactical battle system, and even housing it appears Atlantica Online is poised to have quite a year.

Atlantica’s housing system is the next biggest feature that the development team has worked hard to design. It will enhance community interaction, and enable players to share their own unique style. The living room will have a diary in which actions of the owner of the household will be publically documented. For example, items that the player successfully enhanced, bosses that he has defeated, or whoever has used PK on the player will all be recorded. Korean style houses along with housing styles from all over the world will be implemented in the future. Everything from the front yard to the inside of the house can be decorated. A pet can be raised in the front yard, and mounts can be kept in the back yard stable. Every room in the house serves a purpose, whether it is a room for educating mercenaries and children or a workshop for crafting. Of course, these rooms require maintenance, so mercenaries who fought in battle beside you can be hired to work in the house. This housing system is going to be implemented soon.

Check out the entire feature over at the Atlantica Online official site.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016