We will be doing a full preview of Aura Kingdom in the coming days, but with just a little bit of the game so far I wanted to share my thoughts and get everyone excited for our continuing coverage. First and foremost I want to say I am utterly impressed with the quality of the game that I got my hands on and it was the first game I spent so much time wanting to play in a long long time.

As a quick warning there is a flashing image below.

Now, before I continue and just to be completely honest here - this is a F2P game and this has all of the trappings of every F2P mmo. Dated graphics, cash shop, low texture quality, etc. We’re not invading any new territory with this game. However, what is so exciting for me is that it’s one of the first to make all of it feel much more… retro gaming. It feels a lot like Power Stone for the Playstation instead of Random F2P MMO #8237.

That’s the first thing that I want to talk about that I find so fun. It plays just like a single player MMO from the PS1 / PS2 days. The graphics, the towns, the enemies, the combat, all of it feels like a run of the mill JRPG from the golden age of console JRPGs (as defined by me). Everything works and it all works together, an oddity with the F2P genre.

I started off with my “Biggundude” in the tutorial area and I got a little bit confused, killing the first boss before equipping my weapon. This whole area was slightly choppy but totally forgivable because it was trying to exceed the game engine with the awesome battle that was taking place and preparing you to understand a little bit more about the game.

Serious Ponies

Okay so this is BigGunDude and his pony. He's got his big gun, his pony, and this game is freaking awesome.

After that, I got sent to generic fantasy land, which hey is fine by me, it looked pretty enough and played awesomely enough. You start off with simple fedex quests but slowly work through the intro learning about different areas of the game, different ways quests are completed, about gathering, and combat, and all that good stuff up and until the point the most awesome thing in the world happens: YOU GET YOUR VERY OWN UNICORN THAT IS LIKE CLIPPY FROM MICROSOFT WORD.

That’s right. This is the one game I’ve been waiting for and I mean I’m doing it a big disservice right now by not talking about the fun combat and the fun questing and how the quest auto-walk actually works for once and makes life in the game super fun because you can do other things while walking and just how much absolute fun I had for CLIPPY THE MAGICAL UNICORN: ADVENTURE IS MAGIC.


I screamed GAME OF THE YEAR when the unicorn came out and started giving me advice for my adventure. Not kidding.

So yeah, you get a magical unicorn pet. It works kind of like a SWTOR companion. Except also like clippy, in showing up and providing helpful hints about your journey. While you’re adventuring it’ll warn you of dangerous blows, compliment how awesome you are at killing things, and just provide awesome super duper helpful hints.

I really liked my unicorn companion and I think that really makes the game. Earlier this week I wrote about how easy it is to forget a game, but the very second the unicorn comes flying out of the screen at you, you pretty much just burn Aura Kingdom into your head. Seriously.

Alright alright enough of the unicorn. The gameplay is fantastic, fluid and mixes just the right amount of action and RPG together to create an atypical MMORPG that fans are going to love. Combining different schools give you an early easy rotation, enemies have some fight to them (more fight as you level up) but are easy to grind through. Experience seemed to continue to easily rise through levels 1 - 11 and level 30.

I think Aura Kingdom should be on your radar from my short time playing it if you’re a fan of games developed and published over at Aeria Games. We’ll have a full preview and more details about the game in the coming week. Until then, see ya!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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