It’s time for our official Aura Kingdoms preview and we’re going to do something a little bit different - we’re going to talk about the things that you want to know. We had the chance to spend two days in the game, in addition, the chance to play with the developers along with Blueberry from, so we’re going to go over the things that players want to know. For the generalist view, feel free to look around the web.

First, is the game fun. The answer is yes. The game is very much fun. Combat is very fluid and it is very easy to get into the swing of it. It’s not innovative and there is no new features in the game that make you go OMG this is the latest and greatest game ever, but it’s fun. It’s got everything that makes combat satisfying, including your own personal unicorn.

Aura Kingdoms Boss Fight

Second, is the game pretty. The answer is yes. The texture quality isn’t perfect and the game world is a bit small (each map can easily be transversed quickly), but the game is pretty and your eyes won’t hurt looking at it. The UI makes sense and it feels more like Power Stone for the Playstation instead of random F2P game #382.

Next up, the dungeons are wonderful. A lot of F2P games don’t have fun dungeons. Aura Kingdoms has fun dungeons. How are they fun? Simplicity. First there is a dungeon finder, making finding a group rather easy. Next, the bosses are interesting and fun. They are not complete and total pushovers, but at the same time they’re not going to stress a random group of players out to the point that no one can do them. I find this to be the perfect sweet spot for dungeons. Challenging enough to be fun, easy enough not to frustrate.

So that covers the graphics, gameplay, and dungeons. I did not get a chance to test PvP, but from what I am to understand there will be Arenas. I don’t know if they’re fun or not, so no commentary there. Oh and the world is very vibrant. NPCs walk around, there is a lot of interaction going. The developers have planned a lot for the game when it comes to a sort of version of a living world.

Aura Kingdoms Thing

Then there is the story. The game actually has a compelling (although anime) story from start to finish. You can play through the entire thing reading the dialog or of course skip it and just fight monsters and feel happy.

So that covers a lot of the must know information. On to a few things I’ve read the community complain about. The first being the game is nothing but a major cash grab. The founder packs I can’t defend, they are really pricey, but they’re supposed to be super rare huge fans of Aura Kingdom things and not something you have to buy to get into the game. So if you don’t want them, you don’t need them. Just wait a few extra days and you can play.

My understanding, and this is neat, is that costumes drop in the world and aren’t cash shop exclusive. That’s something to note.

From there, there is a lot of call outs about the game being too generic. From what I played, the game is definitely a free-to-play game and it carries with it all the trappings of such, however. It was unique and interesting enough to hold my attention for both days. Playing with the developers was a ton of fun and laughs all around, while the dungeon was exciting and interesting. The UI was easy to understand and it didn’t have that super fun hyper retro font that a lot of F2P players loathe.

As someone who plays a ton of MMOs, it’s rare for me to be so like, you know, this game is pretty cool but I find the game to be pretty cool. It’s different enough that it’s fresh, generic enough that its familiar, and the gameplay is satisfying enough that it can stick with you.

For many, Aura Kingdoms is definitely worth a try. It isn’t a WoW killer or a AAA MMO ready to take on the best, but it’s definitely one of the better F2P games I’ve played this year and if you’re interested in the game you should definitely check it out.


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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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