Take THAT, E3. *sniff* We hardly new ye!

With E3 neutered into only a ghost of its former self, the rest of the conferences and shows across U.S. were quick to pick up the slack. One of the latest conference dates on the docket is AGDC, and Ten Ton Hammer will be wandering around the halls of the Austin, Tx., conference center over the next few days. For a inkling of the articles and information that will be coming out of the show, take a look at Cody "Micajah" Bye's AGDC 2007 preview article!

This year's Austin Game Developers Conference is particularly important for Ten Ton Hammer and our readers, as the unofficial "theme" for the 2007 AGDC centers squarely on online worlds and the marketplace behind them. Austin is becoming one of the central hubs for online gaming as Bioware, Sony Online Entertainment, Vigil Studios and Destination Games have all made their home in the area, and it seems only appropriate that the AGDC would revolve its programming around the online space. A vast majority of the seminars in this year's programming focus on online gaming in form or another, and the entire Ten Ton Hammer staff is interested in what sort of news will be coming out of the conference.

Check it out here at Ten Ton Hammer, your best source for all MMO-related AGDC coverage.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016