By: Martuk

With the Book 10 update now live, the most asked question I hear is, “Where does Chicken Play start?” Finding these areas and completing their quest can sometimes be easier said than done. Well fear not my fine feathered friends. Tentonhammer is here with a starter guide that will have you clucking your way to victory in no time.

To start your journey to being a chicken head to the Sandson farm along the road north out of Michel Delving that runs right past the W in Waymeet on the map. You will know the farm when you see it as it has a ton of chickens and two little Hobbit farmers. Once at the farm speak with Wald Sandson. It seems young Wald has mistakenly taken a basket of his dads prized chicken eggs and now wants to return them before dear old dad finds out. The problem is that young Wald can’t remember which egg goes where and he needs you to figure it out.

The objective of this quest is to return the eggs to their respective nest, but you have to figure out the pattern to what goes where. The nests are located around the chicken field in front of Wald. Be sure to enter the eggs in the correct order or you will have to start over. Once you are ready accept the quest “Which Laid First” from Wald and and enter the eggs in this order.

  • Number one goes in Pimpinella’s nest.

  • Number two goes in Bellflower’s nest.

  • Number three goes in Cineraria’s nest.

  • Number four goes in Telltime’s nest.

  • Number five goes in Moonlight’s nest.

Once you have completed this task speak with Wald Sandson again. Wald will thank you and reward you with a Prized Pie which makes for a comical display. He will also bestow you with the quest “The Sky is Falling." Once you accept this quest head north along the pen close to Wald and speak with the chicken Bellina. This will initiate your first quest as a chicken.

You are now ready to begin session play. In the first of your many adventures as one of the feathery kindred of Middle Earth be aware of a few things.

1. There is a reason chicken is referred to as fast food.

2. Everything wants to eat you.

3. The only thing you stand a chance in battle against is a worm.

If you remember these few tips you could be clucking your way to victory in no time. If you choose not to heed my warnings I will see you on the menu in the local tavern. Hunt safe my fine feathered friends.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016