Today, Bigfoot Networks unveiled the VisionTek Killer™ HD 5770, the world's first combination graphics and network card. To us it seemed like a questionable direction to take with Bigfoot's impressive flagship product - sort of like sticking yesterday's GPU on tomorrow's NPU, with concerns about heat and serial bus speed thrown into the mix. But Bigfoot Networks' John Drewry sifted through our questions and skepticism to portray the Killer HD 5770 as a simple one-two value solution for the scores of us mainstream online gamers looking for a nice Christmas gift for our aging rigs.

John Drewry: Additional advantages are simplicity, cost and flexibility. On the simplicity front, Killer HD 5770 lets a gamer purchase a single card for their mainstream PC to upgrade it for online gaming. Many of us have older PCs around the house with integrated graphics or even an older graphics card, and this provides a good way to extend the life of that system and repurpose it as a usable gaming PC.

Read the full interview of John Drewry on the Killer HD 5770.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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