Next-gen Blizzard MMO still a mystery.

Two recent rumors on the Blizzard scale came together, waved at each other, and kept on walking by. We've long heard whispers of a secretive project Hydra. There have also been job postings for a confirmed next-gen Blizzard MMO. Could project Hyrda and the next-gen MMO be the same?! *gasp!*

In a word, No. Project Hydra today has been confirmed as Diablo 3.

A reader of our sister site WoW Insider noticed a caption that read "Hydra" on an image (above) in Blizzard's Diablo III gallery. Yep, Diablo III is Hydra. So if your sole interest is Galaxy of Starcraft, move along now. Hydra is not the savior you've been waiting for. And as WoW Insider noted, Blizzard is working on three different projects at once. That's a lot on its plate. Now that Diablo III has been announced, we're not expecting any news about the Next-Gen MMO anytime soon.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016