Not impossible, but scary

Blizzard co-founder and EVP of Product Development Frank Pearce gave some comments about the StarCraft franchise at the Leipzig GDC. While not ruling it out as impossible, he did say that the prospect scared him. Here's why:

"It would be a lot of work! But the thing you have to remember about the MMO genre, especially now that the bar is set by games like World of Warcraft, WoW has been in development since, in some shape or form, 1999. There's people on the WoW team that have been on that team for nine years. So there's nine years of technology and story and content that are created. The bar for entry into the MMO genre, whether it's Blizzard or someone else, is very high as a result. So you're dealing with a market where games have nine years invested in them.

"And so to look at StarCraft and say, well we could make an MMO out of that. Well yeah, but how many years would we have to invest in it to create the quantity of content and the quality of experience that would be required to meet just the minimum standard that's set by the games that are out there right now?"

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016