In video games, what could be better than taking a good, hard look at
your enemies than proceeding to melt their faces into piles of bloody
goo? At target="_blank">BlizzCon 2008, the developers of
Diablo III gave players a behind the scenes look at the sexy seductress
- the Wizard - and href=""
target="_blank">all her impressive abilities. Ten
Ton Hammer's Garrett Fuller gives you the full scoop in his D3 class

The D3 team continues to push the envelop with
character design and is
creating these heroes with deep personalities to match. Character back
stories are important to immersing players into the game. The wizard is
described as the student who was too smart for her teachers. Who delved
into powerful magics because she became bored by the normal powers.
They wanted her to have an ambitious, powerful, willful feeling as she
runs through the Diablo world laying waste to enemies.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016