Sacrificing a virgin helps quell your inner demons... so I've heard.

What happens when a gamer grows older and can no longer find the time to quest for "uberosity?" Shayalyn exposes her dark and unseemly past as a gamer with a competitive drive, and makes peace with her present-day casual gamer self. Sort of.

At the end of each round, the game would tally up who had scored the most kills, and the Green Archer would have to celebrate with a victory dance:

“Who’s got the most kills, huh? Why, it’s the Green Archer! Booyah, baby! Boo…yah!” Never mind that we were supposed to be working as a team; it was all about my kill count. (And hey, I can cooperate! I mean, I was the one saying, “Just take the damn fruit, wuss!” every time the omniscient Gauntlet voice chided, “Red Wizard needs food badly!”)

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016