I Shall Call Him...Mini Me

After playing Tabula Rasa for a good chunk of time now, Cody "Micajah"
Bye has found his hook, and it happens to be in the future of cloning
and PvP. With the cloning system, players can begin anew with a new
flavor of character and different style of play. However, players will
also have the opportunity to use this feature asa way to create "The
Perfect Clone"; a creature that excels at one portion of the gameplay
(PvP or PvE). To find out what he was thinking, read on!

Unlike World of Warcraft, there would be no
particular need to spend
money every single time you wanted to aim your character in a
particular direction. You could simply make one character for PvE
combat and one character for PvP! Find some good loot, equip the
characters accordingly, and you've got a particularly useful tool for
being the best in both areas. It's an incredibly powerful resource, and
it seems to be an unexplored portion of the gameplay. You could even
"experiment" with how different abilities interact with each other via
the cloning system! Anything is possible.

  • The
    Perfect Clone
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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