It's a pain in the end.

Without E3, it seems like all the developers at PR firms decided to spread their games out to as many of the various summer shows as they could. As press, we've been tailing the developers all summer long; we don't mind, but it seems strange compared to our old schedules in previous years. Cody "Micajah" Bye throws out his opinion on the new summer convention season and whether or not it will actually benefit the developers in the end.

Now without E3, all of those shows are fair game. The lack of a singular consumer show has everyone on edge, and they don't want to lose any opportunity to go to the masses and tell them what they'd like to hear about their games. When our Ten Ton Hammer group went to Comic-Con, we were all amazed at the MMOG presence there. Even at a show devoted to comic books and spin-off shows, there was still a major MMOG presence behind those comic books and other forms of nerdiness. From what I have heard, GenCon was very similar in format with the gaming companies thoroughly mobbed by the people at the show.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016