Rioting and looting were postponed so there could be just one more round of Mario Kart DS... really, just one more.

Last night may go down in history as the one night where gamers owned the streets. Unless you had your head firmly shoved up your backside, you'll know that it was the official launch night of Halo 3, which turned out to be one of the biggest release events in entertainment history. One of our Ten Ton Hammer staffers, Stacy "Martuk" Jones, was on site and has written us an eyewitness account of all that transpired on that fateful evening.

The launch party began at 9 pm EST and lasted until midnight when Halo 3 officially launched. The festivities of the launch party were plentiful in form and included everything from free food and drinks, a Halo 2 combat competition for a free copy of Halo 3, a paintball target tournament, and even a visit from the United States Army who appeared on hand to support Master Chief and take part in the tournament to see who would reign supreme and walk away with a free copy of Halo 3.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016