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After a month's worth of PC problems, trips, and hair-pulling, Cody's finally back writing on his blog. His latest rant is about the current state of PC computing, but it turns out much of the blame for his shoddy PC can be placed firmly back on the user. Have a gander at the blog and send in your own opinions!

That's the one issue I have with being a primarily PC-based gamer. While many of my peers may be more intelligent about computers than I am, I find that there are many of us who know just enough about our desktops and laptops to really screw them over when we want to. Whether its through our constant switching of hardware or the attempts to overclock, we all play a dangerous game in which we know much too little about the platform we're working with. While I blindly stumble into the innards of my computer, switching out parts willy-nilly someone else is trying to reformat their hard drive because they made the same mistake I did and pushed different video drivers onto the computer without clearing off the old ones first. That wasn't my most recent mistake, but I've done it before.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016