Boo to You!

Just in time for Halloween, it's an editorial about things that go boo
in the night. Have you ever been truly scared while playing an online
game? Shayalyn loves the boo factor in MMOGs, and describes a moment
that made her heart pound. She also muses about why MMOGs frighten us,
and how Vanguard: Saga of Heroes will bring fear into the hearts of the
citizens of Telon.

As I hurry through the darkness, I don't see the
creature hovering in the shadows nearby. But it sees me. Suddenly its
flying at me, its black cloak flapping, eyes obscured by a heavy hood.
I nearly jump out of my skin. My gods, a Xi Vius! I know that to stop
means to die, because there are other creatures lurking out in the
blackness that will surely join this fight. And so I run. But this Xi
Vius is fast, and silent, sailing over the terrain after me,
no doubt bringing friends.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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