Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures is just a short five and a half weeks away and Ten Ton Hammer's Border Kingdom Cryer feature is covering it every step of the way. With the May 20th launch date lingering around the corner, discussion is raging on the official forum as players everywhere are anxiously waiting for the gates of Hyboria to open. With all the discussion and chatter it can be difficult to find those great pieces of discussion and those ever so rare nuggets of info as you sift through an endless sea of dramatic posts and flaming rants. Let Ten Ton Hammer do it for you. Join us as we take a look at some of the best discussions and save you the trauma of reading through the drama. Roleplay PvE server discussion stays in the light, Lost in Hyboria the adventure continues, and Herald of Xotli issues, all this and more in this week's Border Kingdom Cryer.

(Note: If you don't understand something I have said or abbreviated get caught up on the terminology here.)

Official AoC Forums

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Uncle Machail wants you.

Last Minute Plea For A Role-Playing Server (RP-PVE)

Our old friend is still riding high in the forums this week. The pleas from the community continue on with request for a RP-PvE server as they do here, here, here, and here. You can also vote on the unofficial poll here at Ten Ton Hammer in this thread. This topic remains one of the hottest topics on the official AoC forums as well as here at Ten Ton Hammer. In fact, we just completed or first Ten Ton Hammer Forum Brawl between two Ten Ton Hammer regulars with Coenheart arguing against having a server of this type and Khalathwyr arguing in favor of having a RP-PvE server. The final battle will be placed into a special feature here at AoC Ten Ton hammer and will be given a play by play of the action by your three favorite moderators, Machail, Martuk, and JoBildo. Keep an eye out as the results of this epic battle will be forthcoming soon. Got what it takes? Sign up for the next forum brawl which will take the Casual vs Hardcore argument to a whole new level. Read this and sign up here if you think you have what it takes, because Uncle Machail wants you.

Herald of Xotli Demon form question finally answered official

Another hot topic to spill right out of the bowels of AoC Ten Ton Hammer this week is a question answered about the Herald of Xiotli. Jason "Athelan" Stone dropped by our Ask the Devs Forum and answered a question about how long the Herald could remain in Xotli form here. He answered the question by stating...

It is true that recently the Herald of Xotli was changed from being in his form always to a short duration "super buff" this is because Heralds never got to see their character and their armor and items etc while being polymorphed. The transformation has much more impact now as a short duration buff and is quite powerful. It is also on a relatively short cooldown. - Athelan

Needless to say this led to much debate on the official forums as some view it as a good change, but others are less than happy about it. What is your opinion? Share it in this thread and let's keep the discussion going.

Guardian Popularity...

The guardian class is proving to be a popular breed as we get closer to launch. Some people want to know why. Is it because we guardians just rule? Is it because we can wear full plate? Is it because we can stand at the front line and beat the enemy back, or is it perhaps because we can cleave a mans head from his body with a pole arm? You decide and tell us in this thread.

PVP Beta weekend (15000)

If you haven't already heard then you soon will. Gamespot with cooperation of Funcom and Eidos are hosting a PvP weekend for all you drooling fans waiting to get a peak at Age of Conan. You can sign up here. If you are one of the lucky 15,000 selected you will get a chance to experience some of the finer points of the Age of Conan PvP setup. It goes without saying that this has been one of the hottest topics of the week on the official forums and on our Forums.

Guild vs. Guild Tactics: Will your experience carry over to AoC?

One of the huge draws for some people in Age of Conan is the PvP aspect. Many people are bringing entire guilds of PvP combatants to the community anxiously waiting to enter the lands and slay all comers. Are you one of them? If so this thread might be of interest to you. It centers around guilds and tactics so add your thoughts and joint the discussion. Because once the PvP starts two things will surely form, tactics and politics.


AoC Ten Ton Hammer Threads of the Week

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Our three heroes try to get some play only to learn they have no game.

Lost in Hyboria - Three Strikes

Lost in Hyboria is back with issue 4 "Three Strikes." This thread has gotten comical reviews on the comic based on characters of your favorite three Age of Conan personalities Martuk, Machail, and JoBildo as they continue their misadventure trying to find the city of Tortage. In this issue Machail, Martuk, and JoBildo try to work their charms on a local damsel to enlist her aid in finding the city of Tortage, and maybe earn some extra curricular activities, but the three find their charms somewhat lacking. Luckily, a fourth party member is able to work his charms and secure aid for our three heroes.

The Strain of Jumping

This question was asked by Fyrestryder about the strain jumping would have on a character during PvP. The answer by Jason "Athelan" Stone made some of our community cringe as thoughts of the World of Warcraft and Counterstrike Bunny hop came flooding into their mind. The answer in question states the following..

Jumping as a substate disallows many actions. This means even though you can attack on the run I do not believe you can jump and attack. This limits the usefulness of jumping in combat but I do not believe it has a stamina cost at this time. It is very easy to add one if we find we need to for balance purposes.

While there is a disadvantage to jumping, will it be enough to keep people from hopping all over the screen? You decide and tell us in this thread.

Enjoy the first few months of A.O.C......

If you are like the rest of us you probably believe that Age of Conan is going to be a monster in the MMORPG genre. This game may give World of Warcraft a run, but some might not like that idea. Demonyx brings us this discussion on that very topic. Chime in and add your thoughts. If the game booms and gets a massive amount of players do you think it will be a good thing or bad? For the company it is great and that benefits players as a whole because then we get more content. Developers love keeping people around. So the more money they make the better off we all are.

AoC 4 Life Contest

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The AoC 4 Life contest can net you some cool AoC swag and AoC free for life.

The Age of Conan 4 Life contest is off and running and countless entries have already entered and are anxiously trying to be one of our top winners to earn themselves an Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures Beta key and 5 other lucky third place winners will get an AoC Collectors Edition version of the game. One second place winner will receive an Age of Conan collector's edition game and a framed piece of autographed concept art. The lucky first place winner will get an Age of Conan collector's edition signed by Gaute Godager and a lifetime subscription to Age of Conan. If you are now foaming at the mouth read here for contest rules and details and make your entry here. The above thread is for discussion of the contest only and not for entries.

Machail, JoBildo, and myself have been hard at work reading these entries, and before you ask, YES!!! We are reading each and every one. I would also like to thank all of our contestants for completely ruining the Robert E. Howard Conan quote of "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of their women." Old Tuk has read that one enough times now. Please...No more. ~Cries~

New Feature - Ask the Devs

Ask the Devs

You have questions and we have answers. With the cooperation of Funcom and developer Jason "Athelan" Stone Ten Ton Hammer has arranged a nice new venue for players to ask their questions for developers at Funcom about Age of Conan. This week Jason "Athelan" Stone has been very busy answering many questions. You can read and discuss them in our answered questions forum here. Have a question you would like to ask? You can do so here. Just be sure to read the guidelines first as the questions will be moderated to keep out things that have already been answered elsewhere and silly questions to make it easy for Athelan to answer things as quickly as possible without unnecessary clutter. However if you have a good question, by all means post it and we will try our best to get it answered.

Ten Ton Comics

Lost in Hyboria -Three Strikes-

The fourth edition of Ten Ton Hammer's own Age of Conan comic from the mind of JoBildo is now available. Lost in Hyboria - Three Strikes tells the story of our three heroes trying to get some play only to learn they have no game, but thanks to some intervention, our three heroes have finally secured the services of a guide to get them to the city of Tortage.

AoC Ten Ton Hammer Clan Soup

If you have a guild and want to make your information known in it's full glory make sure you waste no time and join Clan Soup today. JoBildo will be running this weekly feature to highlight the people that matter in the Age of Conan community. You!!! Sign up and get your name in the headlines. Read the first fourth issue of Clan Soup here.

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