Infinity Ward isn't afraid to take it to the next level with graphic content as they have shown with their latest game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (CoD:MW2). The CoD franchise has, over the years, set the standard for what gamers might see and experience in FPS games and CoD:MW2 has raised the bar just a little bit higher. With a realistic modern day setting and one of the most controversial missions ever developed for a game, CoD:MW2 has already shattered the record for day-one entertainment sales with over $310 million earned in the first 24 hours. How does this new entry to the franchise stack up? Join Martuk as he dusts off his combat boots and reviews the latest game in the CoD lineup.

There is a controversial part of the plot which comes as an optional mission that you can choose to skip when you first install the game. In the mission, you play an undercover agent working to infiltrate a terrorist organization led by a Russian named Makarov. In order to earn their trust you have to join them in carrying out a terrorist strike against several innocent civilians. What follows is a graphic assault that you take part in, resulting in the death of many innocent people.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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