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The third book of the epic series begins in the Lone Lands in the city of Ost Gurath. The coming task will send you to the North Downs to aid the free people in their struggle against a building threat and to help unite them against it. It will be up to you to unite the people of these lands before it is to late.

Foreword: Fires in the North
Quest Level: 29

Speak with Frideric in Ost Gurath and he will send you to speak with the ranger Candaith. Candaith can be located northwest of Weathertop in the Lone Lands. He will send you to the elven stronghold of Esteldin located north of Meluinenin in the North Downs. There you will speak with Halbarad one of Candaith’s fellow rangers.

Chapter One: Rangers of the Fields
Quest Level: 29

Halbarad will send you west to speak with Mincham at his camp near the Fields of Fornost. Mincham’s camp is located on a rise along the western wall overlooking the fields.

Chapter Two: The Gates of Fornost
Quest Level: 29

Mincham believes enemies have returned to Fornost to test its defenses. He wants you to go to Norbury Gates to the north and slay a few of its new orc and warg inhabitants. There are two camps to the east and west of the entrance and several that roam about near the gate. Slay them and return to Mincham.

Chapter Three: Fallen Once More
Quest Level: 29

Once you return to Mincham he will send you back to Esteldin to report the new found information to Halbarad. Halbarad will ask your aid in summoning representatives from the elves, men and dwarves to a council. From here you will need to complete three sub-quests aiding three of the free races of Middle Earth Elf, Man, and Dwarf. Choose which you would prefer to start with, but each must be completed. I chose dwarf so we begin from there.

A Call to Dwarves:

Halbarad will send you to the north of Esteldin to the dwarven stronghold of Othrikar. To reach the stronghold head north along the road from Esteldin. You will run right into it if you stay on the road. Halbarad will tell you to speak with either Dori or Hannar, but upon your arrival you will learn from Hannar that Dori has been captured by the Dourhand. He will ask you to rescue him and vow to join the council if you are successful.

Chapter Four: Freeing Dori
Quest Level: 30

Dori is being held in a cage within the ruins to the west of Othrikar known as Ost Galumar. Getting to Dori is not very difficult. Fight your way into the ruins and free him from the cage at the back. The harder part begins as you escort Dori around the ruins to find his jewels. Along the way several Dourhand elites will spawn and attack so be sure to bring friends and don’t let Dori die or the quest fails. Once Dori has collected the jewels, escort him out of the ruins until he can flee to safety.

The Dwarves Shall Come

After Dori is safe return to Othrikar and speak with Hannar. He will agree to join the council. One down, two to go. Return to Esteldin and speak with Halbarad to get your next task. The next task I accepted was “A call to Elves.”

Chapter Five: Tending the Glade
Quest Level: 29

Halbarad will send you south of Esteldin to speak with elves of Lin Giliath. Speak with Gildor and convince him to join the council.

Gildor like the other races will need something done before he will commit to joining the council. He will ask you to go to Nan Wathren to the west and slay an Uruk named Drukordh. Have your group head to the south eastern reaches of Nan Wathren. You will find Drukordh lurking around a cliff. Once you have defeated him, return to Gildor in Lin Giliath.

Might of the Elves

Now that you have dealt with Gildor’s problem he will agree to join the council. Two down, one to go. Return to Halbarad for the last task dealing with the race of men called “A Call to Men.”

Chapter 6: The Defence of Trestlebridge
Quest Level: 30

The last person you must convince to join the council is Nellie Boskins. She lives in Trestlebridge which is located on the southwestern part of the North Downs and far north of Bree.

When you speak with Nellie you learn that she is not to concerned with the council for the moment. She is also a bit rude, but more importantly she is more concerned with an impending attack on the city. Hit the stables and ride for Esteldin.

This next part is a fairly tough one so assemble a strong group of allies. Once your allies are assembled and with you or by a reflecting pool ready to enter. Speak with Halbarad and inform him of Nellie’s situation. He will instruct you to aid in the defense of Trestlebridge and you will be sent to a Trestlebridge instance.

The instance combat is primarily a defense against incoming waves of enemies. Ready your allies on the bridge and be ready to repel them. The first couple isn’t too bad, but the last one can be a bit tough so pace yourself and don’t run out of power in the first two.

Once you have defeated the enemy attack speak with Nellie again. She will be more cooperative this time and agree to join the council thanks to your help. Return to Halbarad in Esteldin.

Chapter 7: The Council Assembled
Quest Level: 30

Now that you have convinced all the parties to join the council Halbarad has one final task for you. He wants you to travel to Rivendale and inform Aragorn of what has transpired. If you have not yet visited Rivendale it will be a fairly long run. Return to the Lone Lands and head east along the road until you reach The Last Bridge. Continue east into Trollshaws until you reach the Ford of Bruinen. From there, continue east up the mountain and you will reach the gates of Imladris the city of Rivendale. Aragorn is located in the eastern part of Rivendale inside the Last Homely House. Speak with him to complete Book Three. Once you are finished with Aragorn, seek out Lord Elrond in the same house to receive the beginning of Epic Book Four.

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