Some Cryptic Answers

Whether you're strutting your stuff in skin-tight spandex outfits or
dominating the world in your mecha-suit, the heroes in Champions Online
are one in a million. Due to the small amounts of information that have
been released concerning the game, the developers at Cryptic Studios
have been putting together a whole string of Q&As depicting the
ins-and-outs of their upcoming game. The staff at Ten Ton Hammer has
nabbed their most recent question and answer session, and we have the
information posted for you to examine! Enjoy!

Arkayne: The amount of "inhuman" costume pieces and
options is really impressive already! So far I've seen various
beast-man heads (rats, cats, bears, wolves, stag), insect heads (with
different mandible and antennae options), and various monster heads
(undead/alien/demon with different sizing, horn/bone options, etc.).
Additionally there are a number of different "stances" players can
choose from (bestial stance, for example) to complete their "inhuman"

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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