You Got Questions; They
Got Answers!

For those individuals that have questions about Champions Online, it
seems that every time you turn around the team behind the game has
brand new answers to the common community queries. The developers have
again scanned their forums and have divulged answers to some of the
questions that have been burning within the community for months. Ten
Ton Hammer has reprinted the article for your viewing pleasure, and we
hope you find answers to anything you want to know about Champions

style="font-style: italic;">How flexible is the game engine
when it comes to updates and upgrades? We have faced a lot of
situations in CoH where the answer to questions has been "it's just not
possible because is hardcoded that way"? Are more features now soft
coded in such way that it is later easier to expand on them? I.e. if
customizable emitter locations are not possible initially, is the
system created in such manner that they can be added later on?

style="font-weight: bold;">poz (Director of Game
Champions Online is built on Cryptic's new
(and incredibly awesome) second-generation MMO engine. The major focus
of the engine upgrade was making it much more general and data-driven.
This lets the dev team modify all sorts of elements in the game that
they've never been able to easily modify before. Besides giving a lot
more power to the design team in general, this also lets us iterate and
try new ideas a lot faster.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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