Cryptic Studios is No
Longer Being Cryptic About Their New MMOG

Over the last few weeks, excitement has been building concerning the
latest MMOG endeavor by Cryptic Studios, namely the development of
Champions Online. For those that haven't heard, Champions Online will
be a superhero-oriented massively multiplayer game with a new twist on
the old combat system. Like Age of Conan, Champions Online hops to
eliminate the "hit-a-button-and-wait" mentality that still rests with
many older MMOGs. However, in a superhero based game, it's also
important to have quality art direction to really bring the players
into the world. To learn more about the man behind that plan, Ten Ton
Hammer is proud to present a Cryptic-organized Q&A with Shayne
Herrera, art development director for Cryptic Studios.

I have been in the industry of videogame development
for approximately
400 years. It is amazing to look back to when this all started, and say
that I went to high school with Yoda. Wait … that's not me, that's
Bruce Rogers (Cryptic Studios' chief technical officer). I have been in
the industry for 13 years and counting. During that time I have been
lucky enough to work on some awesome games including Tribes, Escape
from Monkey Island, The Godfather, and of course the hit game Ski
Racing 1998 (featuring Picabo Street).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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