Meet the Forces Behind
Champions Online

In their third article devoted to the staff behind their upcoming game,
Cryptic's community managers have produced an in-house interview with
their lead programmer, Charlie Grisafi. The answers that he offers to
the readers are candid, extremely amusing, and almost unbelievable at
times. Take a moment to read through the article, then head on over to
Cryptic's official website and check out everything they've been up to
over there!

A: I get in to work as early as possible so I can
work in a few hours
of programming before other people start to show up. Then I have
various meetings about tech issues, design, status updates, scheduling,
etc., interspersed with more programming. Then I complain about being
in so many meetings. I'll try to get in a few more hours of programming
before heading home.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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