The official website for href=""> style="font-style: italic;">Champions Online
has been updated with the latest edition of Ask Cryptic, which once
again provides some excellent answers to a series of questions posed by
fans of the upcoming super hero MMOG.  The new edition covers
a wide array of topics, from character customization to control
schemes, and even touches on some burning hot topics among the
community, such as how “emo” your character can be.

For the
brooding type of
hero (i.e. the current James Bond), is there a way of having such a
character that would slouch, glower, etc.? How about 'Emo' type
characters? (Captain_Intrepid)

There are stances in the game that players can choose during character
creation. The more of those we can add, the more ways players can be
emotive. There are also moods you can set for your character,
independent of stance. For every type of emotional response
you’d like to portray, we’ll figure out some way to
let you do it.

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rest of this edition of Ask Cryptic, head over to the
official Champions Online site – and while you're there be
sure to also check out href="">this
short video that introduces some of the developers currently
working on Cryptic's three upcoming titles!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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