Along with all of our awesome content from this last
weekend’s Champions Online
PvP event, the staff at Ten Ton Hammer is proud to present our last
little segment on the power sets in CO. Reuben
“Sardu” Waters sat down
with Bill Roper to discuss the Power Armor and Might power sets.
There’s definitely some intriguing options in both of these
sets, so
make sure you check ‘em out!

Ton Hammer: Last month on the official site you showcased
favorites” and you mentioned that Power Armor was your
favorite because
it plays differently than all the other sets. What type of differences
set it apart?

Roper: The really big difference is obviously the mechanic
talked about earlier and the effects of those cool downs. I always feel
like I’m making slightly more strategic decisions with Power
especially when we typically have that fast-pace, action-style of
combat that we use. It’s not like I’m going
“boom, boom, boom” and I’ve
used three different abilities. Instead I’m going through my
powers and
specifically picking them for their varying effects. They’re
situational, because my powers might all be on the same timer.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016