Going Rogue will introduce a staple comic book theme to the City of Heroes world - the slow descent of a hero into villainy, or the redemptive rise of a villain into more heroic pursuits. Not much is known about the transformation process or the pros and cons of switching allegiances, so we tracked down Exec. Producer Matt Miller for some answers on what Going Rogue entails.

From the article:

Even if you meet the content requirements to change allegiances, there’s no danger of accidentally changing sides. “You’ll have to purposefully do the content, and purposefully make that transition. So you can kind of ride that middle line I talked about - you can really stay a gray hat, and there will be some advantages to doing so. You can go from one zone to another more freely, but you’ll lose some opportunities as well.”

We'll also share some exclusive news on what Hero-Con attendees can expect at next month's event, so check out our latest article - a City of Heroes: Going Rogue Q&A with Matt Miller.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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