I'm Gonna Wait for the
Midnight Hour!

The Midnight Hour is upon us! At least it will be when City of Heroes:
Issue 12 officially hits the CoH servers. Over the last few weeks, the
developers at NCsoft have been quite forthcoming with information about
this latest installment, and this week they're featuring a developer
diary by Senior Designer Joe Morrissey. She goes into great detail
about the storyline and the NPCs in this Issue, so make sure you check
it out!

The Midnight Squad takes the main focus of this
issue. They've got some
of the coolest history, yet hardly any of it has been opened up to the
players. I choose the Midnight Squad because they were seriously
crippled by the invasion and therefore were extremely motivated to take
action against the Rikti. We did a lot with the Rikti story for Issue
10, but it was only through the single lens of the Vanguard. Now we see
a second perspective, through the eyes of those hardest hit from the
invasion, the Midnighters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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