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This week's network-wide feature is an interview with a developer, prominent guild, or an active community member! Get insights on the experiences and views of others, and hear what they have to say about the scene of the game for both the present and future.

First up in the series of interviews is Bazag, a community member who happens to be involved with the "Off-Peakers" DDO community, and also actively aids and assists newcomers. As a regular in the official forums and the unofficial but popular #ddo @ IRC channel, he was up for being interviewed at the time of inquiry.

The interview was conducted through informal private messaging, and the topics covered include: the person themselves and their history, their activities with the DDO community, roleplaying experience, attractions, hopes, concerns, community projects involvement, and what they would like to see in the future. Let's get to the actual interview now and hear what Bazag had to say!

[Maya]: Tell me a little about yourself, and your involvement with DDO and its community?

[Bazag]: I live in New South Wales in Australia and I came across the DDO forums purely by accident... I was looking up details to get some D&D books and lo and behold as the result of my search there was a link to the DDO website.

It caught my interest way back then but my actual involvement in the community got off to a slow start... I lurked for about a month and it took about another month for me to be a proper member.

[Maya]: Ah. And what do you do now to contrbute to it?

[Bazag]: Well... I always try to be as helpful as I can. Quickly and politely helping out people when I see them, particularly with "newbie" questions... I still have not run out of patience for those. I have also participated in a number of RP threads, the most recent was called Guild Roleplay. And I have been a part of a number of online PnP D&D games, though they never seem to get past the third session.

[Maya]: What do you think of the roleplaying experience within the DDO community? Delightful, promising, or other?

[Bazag]: I can see quite a large RP community here on the boards and I definitely think if you want to RP, you should not have many problems finding a server or people on your server who will roleplay along with you. But not all of the members here on the boards are going to RP and that's fine... really the only thing that can really cause problems are the people that do not know what RP really is - coming from other MMOs and causing problems.

[Maya]: Right, the majority of MMO players don't engage in roleplaying. What attracts you to DDO the most, and do you have any particular hopes or concerns about it in the present or the future?

[Bazag]: There are two main reasons that I am attracted to DDO...

1. Turbine's quest system should have all the depth and twists of a normal PnP game, just without all the organization hassles. Though nothing can really replace PnP D&D.

2. The other DDO players.

I have met a bus load of great people here on the DDO forums and I will be looking forward to playing with as many of them as possible.

[Maya]: Are you involved witha ny fansites, or perhaps community-based DDO projects?

[Bazag]: I have become the webmaster for the "Off-Peakers"

[Maya]: Link, and a description of the goals of the site?

[Bazag]: A group made up of people that will not play during US/UK peak times but about 12 hrs difference.

[Maya]: Is it popular? Are there many people interested in DDO but not located in US/UK peak times?

[Bazag]: The website is currently getting an overhaul and we are currently in the process of moving hosts but I can provide a link to our goals.

[Maya]: Sure, that would be great.

[Bazag]: Here is the link to our "recruitment" thread in the Guild Matchup forum

[Maya]: Do you have any interesting stories or experience that you would like to share? Or perhaps something specific you want to see happen with DDO?

[Bazag]: Well, after being inspired while participating in an off-topic forum game, when crafting finally does come in (AND IT BETTER)... I want ot be able to get an Iron Defender as a familiar for a planned Warforged Sorceror I've made. But apart from that... I just want to play DDO and for Turbine to add things when they are ready not because of some deadline.

[Maya]: Great - is there anything else that you would like to add? Feel free to mention anything on y our mind about yourself, DDO, or the community. :)

[Bazag]: Well apart from SPONTANEOUS THE WARFORGED SORCEROR ROCKS!... no, hehe.


Actually, one other thing.

I have a weird sense of humour and try to involve humour in as many posts as possible.

[Maya]: Seems like that's about it for now - thanks for telling us about yourself and some of your active projects in the community!

[Bazag]: Thanks... It'll be interesting to see what other people say...

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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