Advancing your character in an online game is one of the hooks that keep players playing. Company of Heroes Online (CoHO) is not lost on this fact and will be developing Commander Abilities in a way that players will feel that their investment has paid off when they get that new ability. In the latest CoHO developer diary, new changes to two of the game's abilities are detailed. Changes were made in a recent update in which the skills were re-designed.

Commander Abilities are a substantial part of Company of Heroes Online. Players need to see value in each investment in these abilities, seeing the fruits of their labors each time they use them in a game. Commander Abilities should be viable regardless of which improvements have been unlocked and should be interesting to use in your strategies as you play. In the latest update for Company of Heroes Online, two commander abilities were re-designed, Reactive Artillery for the Defensive Wehrmacht Commander and Air Dropped Supplies for the American Airborne Commander.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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