Ten Ton Hammer: Many
players would argue that a sci-fi MMOG is incomplete without some sort
of spaceship gameplay included in its features. Will there be any sort
of starfighter combat for players to engage in? If so, will players be
limited to starfighters or will there be capital ships as well?

Vizual F/X:
Yes. Crusades
implementation of Spacecraft will have defined function and abilities
ranging from Scout ships to large Capital ships. The
‘Homeworld’ chapter will enable players to skill up
and learn how to play the game, and then in our next chapter,
spaceships will be added to enable players to colonize other worlds and

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There will be plenty of ship-based activities in Crusades.

Ten Ton Hammer: As one of
your key features, you list an “open ended leveling
system.” Can you explain this in a bit more detail for our
readers? How does this work?

Vizual F/X:
Players will start out as a Novice, and then skill-up through the first
Profession tier which is called “Guardian
Class.”  At ‘Guardian Master,’
they may skill-up on into ‘Knight Class’ followed
by ‘Lord Class’ and then ‘Destiny
Class’ and then upwards from ‘Novice
Crusader’ through ‘Master
Crusader.’  (Beyond this cannot be disclosed at this
time due to our NDA).

Ten Ton Hammer: Another
big selling point for Crusades
is the idea of “unlimited exploration potential.”
What does this mean and how are you insuring that players will
continually be able to explore their world?

Vizual F/X:
As one community member eloquently put it – it’s an
opportunity for players to ‘find their own hiding place in
the universe.’ Now imagine that the planets themselves are
various sizes, and allow for massive amounts of player settlements that
may eventually build up into player owned empires where you might log
on one day to discover that your city is under attack (or visa versa).
In this case, one could possibly bloom to become a symbol of power in
the Crusades Universe.  Now realize that out there - beyond
that world - are more and more solar systems with more and more planets
and more and more resources and then you can begin to understand the
exponents behind ‘unlimited exploration potential.’

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The Crusades is hoping to really grasp the "explore" concept that was there in the early days of science fiction culture.

Ten Ton Hammer: What
about crafting? Many players would argue that the ability to craft
weapons and/or armor is an essential portion of the gameplay. What kind
of crafting system are you going to be using in your game?

Vizual F/X:
Initially players will craft items that have templates and schematics
in the game.  Later, we plan to allow for player submitted
schematics and other items such as Armor, Structures, Spaceships,
Weapons, and Food Recipes.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you
give us some details on your business model? What are enhanced
subscription tiers?

Vizual F/X:
There will be a Free Player Trial that will be on the Free Trial
Server, but players choosing to keep their trial player-characters may
transfer to the Crusades official unified-server, however they will
port over with no credits or gear and only the default
jumpsuit.  The second option is an ‘Enhanced
Subscription,’ which allows for a player to build out an
entire solar system of their own.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is there
anything else you’d like to tell the Ten Ton Hammer readers
and Crusades

Vizual F/X:
At Vizual F/X Studios, people from the top down involved in the
development of Crusades
actively participates with the community through discussion. 
We invite you to visit our Community Forum at
www.vizualfxstudios.com/forums/ and share your passion. The Vizual F/X
team would like to thank ‘Ten Ton Hammer’ for this
Q&A and their dedication to the MMO experience.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016