So cutting edge that you're already bleeding. Seriously. Look at your hand.

As MMOG players, we've come to expect certain basic elements to be in all of our new massively multiplayer game. We want a fantastic world filled with strange life-forms that we must wage war against. However, we've also come to rely upon the early level experience, where we fight monsters in quick little quests to level up our characters. But is this really necessary? Garrett Fuller weighs in on this subject in this week's "The Cutting Edge."

As I write this editorial, I think back to my early levels in World of Warcraft. The quest series from level one to level five was a simple learning curve that taught you the overall set up of the game. However, these simple quests were not dynamic by any means. They were slow and easy. I guess this method is put into game design to help a player through the early stages, but there was nothing exciting about running around in a barren wasteland killing boars.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016