DC Universe Online made the announcement last week that the game isn't ready and release will be delayed until early 2011 much to the dismay of its many fans.

In a sagging niche of super hero games, DCUO is walking into a mine field of expectation and high hopes. Will the push back hurt a game that is already flying under the radar, or is there hope that DCUO can break through and wow a jaded market?

Having just released last year, Champions Online has been the game most compared to the upcoming DCUO and unfortunately this comparison tends to shed a less than favorable light on the niche for potential players looking to get into a new super hero incarnation. CO revved up the hype and brought in a good amount of pre-sales, often topping sales charts, only to plummet into obscurity a few months after launch. What went wrong?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016