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What's your best advice for climbing Hero League? I know that's a broad question, but match quality in Silver and Gold are often so random, it's hard to get a win-streak going. Is there one or more things I should be doing that can significantly help my win rates?


Hey Revus! There are a few heroes that deal with Chromie very well. Genji, Tracer, and Medivh are all very strong against Chromie due to their ability to get "on top of her". Any mobile hero will generally do well, since Chromie has a very hard time hitting mobile targets. Another thing to keep in mind is when Chromie uses Sand Blast, she is effectively rooted for 1.5 seconds as she cannot cancel the cast easily. You want to use this time to engage her, and burst her down as quickly as possible. If you are playing a ranged Hero or other Hero with low health, be very wary of her Temporal Loop as it can easily set you up to be one-shot. Either stay out of range, or keep an ability to save yourself (such as Genji's Deflect or X-Strike). The biggest thing that will help against Chromie is avoiding her Sand Blast's early game. If she stacks very high during the opening minute, it will become a large problem for the rest of the game as she can effectively gain infinite damage. If you can avoid giving her stacks, she will be very weak later. The simplest solution here is to avoid her altogether, either by moving to a different lane or just play very passive until an Objective. Chromie is one of the most annoying Heroes, but she has very clear weaknesses. If you play around those weaknesses and capitalize on when she's out of position, or when she's using Sand Blast, you'll have a better time killing her.

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Last Updated: May 15, 2018

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