the more recent gameplay
details revealed for upcoming href="">Guild
Wars 2
the article on href="">Healing
and Death at the official site
for the game
contains perhaps the most interesting announcements to date. Between
the vastly different approach to how death will work and the lack of a
dedicated healing class, these mechanics certainly help illustrate a
very divergent path from traditional MMOG templates the team at
ArenaNet is taking with their newest title.

When we first read about the
removal of a dedicated healing class and
the additional downed state, rallying and revive mechanics, we here at
the Ten Ton Hammer Guild Wars
community site were curious
to learn
more. Jon Peters, Game Developer for Guild
Wars 2
ArenaNet was
awesome enough to provide us some fresh insights on each of these
areas, as well as some expanded info on whether or not we can expect
things to function differently in PvP.

Ton Hammer:
While not nearly as
fun as the systems announced for
Guild Wars 2,
the death penalty in the original Guild
does help to
turn the tide of battle in PvP once you manage to defeat key members of
the opposing team. Will the downed state and associated abilities, and
the rally mechanic function differently in PvP than it does in PvE
situations to help prevent stalemates in the same way?

Predominantly, death,
rallying, and revival works the same
way in PvP as it does in PvE. The one distinction is that in the same
way that a player interacts with an ally to revive them, a player can
interact with an enemy in PvP to do a strong finishing move that sends
them straight to defeated.

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    and Healing in Guild Wars 2 - An Exclusive Q&A with ArenaNet's
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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