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The Lone-lands lie to the east of Bree-land. There are many deeds that aspiring adventures can earn within the Lone-lands that can aid them in their battle against the forces of Angmar.


Deed Name
Bog-lurker Slayer
Slay 60 Bog-lurkers in the Lone-Lands.
Title: Bog-hunter
Bog-lurker Slayer (Advanced)
Slay 120 Bog-lurkers in the Lone-Lands.
Virtue: +1 Discipline
Defences of the Lone-lands
Visit several locations in the Lone-lands.
  • Barad Ichiant: Loc:35.8s, 38.3w
  • Ost Laden: Loc: 34.3s, 37.6w

  • Lornspan: Loc: 34.7s, 35.5w

  • Mithrenost: Loc: 34.6s, 34.4w

  • Thandobel: Loc: 33.9s, 32.7w

  • Ost Cyrn: Loc: 33.6s, 30.9w

  • Naerost: Loc: 31.0s, 34.2w

  • Amon Ros: Loc: 31.3s, 31.5w

  • Ost Gurath: Loc: 31.5s, 29.5w
Virtue: +1 Fidelity
Garth Agarwen Exploration

Explore locations in Garth Agarwen.

  • The Outer Gates: Loc: 28.0s, 25.20w

  • Ivar's Crypt: Loc: 28.10s, 23.10w

  • Garth Agarwen Gate: Loc: 28.80s, 23.90w
  • Spring of the Red Maid: Loc: 29.70s, 23.20w
  • Nan Delhu: Loc: 30.50s, 25.30w

  • The Circle of Blood: Loc: 31.20s, 27.20w
Virtue: +1 Confidence
Gaunt-man Slayer
Slay 40 Gaunt-men in the Lone-lands.
Title: Enemy of the Dead
Gaunt-man Slayer (Advanced)
Slay 80 Gaunt-men in the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Merciful
Slay 60 Goblins within the Lone-lands.
Title: Goblin-hewer
Goblin-slayer (Advanced)
Slay 120 Goblins within the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Valour
Slay 60 Orcs within the Lone-lands.
Title: Champion of the Lone-lands
Orc-slayer (Advanced)
Slay 120 Orcs within the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Valour
Slay 60 Spiders within the Lone-lands.
Title: Spider-bane
Spider-slayer (Advanced)
Slay 120 Spiders within the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Honour
Tales of the Lonely Road
Complete 15 quest in the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Charity
Tales of the Lonely Road (advanced)
Complete 30 quest in the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +1 Compassionate
Tales of the Lonely Road (Final)
Complete 45 quest in the Lone-lands.
Virtue: +2 Idealism
The Grimfens
Visit two locations in the southeast Lone-lands.

  • Ost Haer: Loc: 37.9s, 28.0w
  • Nindor: Loc: 37.8s, 29.6w
  • Virtue: +1 Confidence
    Slay 60 Wargs within the Lone-lands.
    Title: Warg-hunter
    Warg-slayer (Advanced)
    Slay 120 Wargs within the Lone-lands.
    Virtue: +1 Fortitude
    Weathertop Exploration

    Visit locations near weathertop in the northwest Lone-lands.

  • Echad Sul: Loc: 29.4s, 37.0w
  • Weatherfoot: Loc: 31.9s, 38.6w
  • Glumhallow: Loc: 30.2s, 38.6w
  • Weathertop: Loc: 31.2s, 36.8w
  • Virtue: +1 Wisdom

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