Inside the Mind of the
Man Behind EverQuest II

When you're playing your favorite MMOG, do you ever wonder what sort of
creative mind it takes to create a vibrant,

living, and breathing world? Or perhaps you've heard a particular name
that caught your attention, and you want to know more about this "rock
star" developer. As always, Ten Ton Hammer is here to get those
questions answered, and today we're profiling Scott Hartsman, Senior
Producer and Creative Director for Everquest 2. A man of many talents
and an extensive resume, Scott talked to Ten Ton Hammer about his start
in the industry, the games that really influenced his career, and how
best to break into the industry.

Piece of advice: No matter what part of the industry
you want to get
into, personality and drive mean SO much. I cannot emphasize how much.
Having a compulsive need to take ownership of things, and the need to
take control of things and do them immediately is how things get done
and get done right. If you can foster a way to feel bad when things
don't go well and then understanding how you can help things go better
in the future, that's a way people become great.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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