I don't have a problem. I just have six game accounts, 30 alts, and four boxed games I haven't opened on the shelf.

Michael Zenke of Slashdot and MMOG Nation examines the curious affliction that plagues many MMO gamers: MMOADD.

When I talk about MMOADD, it’s a much more serious disorder. I’ll cop to it: I’ve hit max level in precious few games. Alt-itis was the cure back in the days of EverQuest, when there weren’t really many alternatives and I couldn’t afford multiple accounts. Now, though, players have a bounty of choice. I have - no joke - 12 different Massive games installed on my machine right now. That’s not even all the games I have discs for, just the ones installed. Thanks to my somewhat laughable designation as ‘journalist’, I get to play some of those games gratis … which makes it even harder to focus on the here and now, like Yoda wants me to.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016