Thoughts on Dual Boxing

With the birth of the casual, "dual-boxing" simply isn't the dirty word it used to be. It's all about taking level-grinding achievement to the 2nd magnitude, but does dual boxing double the fun or the not-so-fun aspects of MMO gameplay? Ethec logs in, then logs in again to offer his thoughts.

"Talking to an attendee at E3 2006, the subject of what World of Warcraft is doing for and to MMO gaming arose. She (note the pronoun… minus 50 ego points) despaired of her boredom while dual-boxing a pair of characters into the late level 50s. Truth be told, I couldn't at that point imagine the patience it takes to play two accounts at once. I say "patience" as opposed to coordination since I imagined that, between slash commands, macros, and gimmicky hardware like the Logitech G15 I recently picked up, playing two accounts is all about setup time. I now know it takes a fair amount of drive as well. But this conversation got me to thinking: maybe I was missing out by flying solo. If one account left me feeling unfulfilled ever since my WoW friends started playing musical servers, maybe two was the ticket."

Read more of Ethec's thoughts and then head to the forums here at Ten Ton Hammer and let us know if you agree. Have you dual boxed? Are you against it? Share your thoughts with us.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016