Frustration tastes nothing like chicken, for the record.

The Lord of the Rings Online staff takes a look at death penalties this week in a pair of opposing editorials which mock no one. No one but veteran MMOG players. Martuk's earlier editorial examined the need for stricter death penalties citing a number of great examples, but RadarX has a more moderate approach using unrefutable logic such as "nuh uh" and "doy." Don't miss out on the second part of our series on death, it'll slay you.

If you are new to the MMOG, you might not be familiar with corpse runs. Anyone who played EverQuest 1 remembers running their happy butts across the universe carrying nothing more than a rusty toothpick and a thong you had sitting in the bank for such an occasion (at least we hope that's why you had it in there). After an epic journey over deserts and through jungles, you reach the temple where you body lies and realize "Crap, how am I going to get in there?" This tastes like frustration.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016