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Dark and Light is one gigantic MMORPG, and by gigantic I mean 40,000 km in size.

The development has some lofty goals that it appears from the demonstrations are being realized. Imagine one world with up to 500,000 players running around in it. Now imagine a 15km line of sight. Keep imagining that you can gain experience in five different ways; fighting, politics, crafting, siege and exploration. What about a game that was localized in five different languages? They are doing that too, and rolling it into a faction based PvP MMOG that is scheduled to launch in November.

The team at Farlan Entertainment is trying to take what you just imagined and make it reality.

The game is scheduled to ship in November 2005 and looks in good shape for its stage of development.

  • Players can tame and control up to three simultaneous pets. One pet shown in the demonstration was an immature dragon.
  • Can this unknown development team really deliver all of the features that the are promising?

– John "BoomJack" Hoskin

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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