No Really, They're Mints

Shayalyn reports live from the first day of what was once the gaming
industry's biggest event of the year, E3. But this year's
Electronic Entertainment Expo is a tamed beast...and it lacks Bawls.
(To understand that you'll have to read the blog.) And where the heck
is Vanguard?

Our visit to the SOE demo room this morning revealed
a great showing
for SOE’s up-and-comers, Gods & Heroes, Pirates of
the Burning Sea
(Flying Lab Software just recently announced a partnership with SOE,
who will publish the game), and their newest in-development title for
the PC and PS3, The Agency. Our team saw all three games, but Vanguard
was conspicuously under-represented.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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